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Fitting Guide

Size Conversion Charts


All Boys Shirts

All Girls Blouses

Age Collar To Fit Height
3-4 11" 104cm/41"
5-6 11.5" 110cm/43"
7-8 12" 116cm/46"
9-10 12.5" 128cm/50"
11 13" 140cm/55"
12 13.5" 152cm/60"
13 14" 158cm/62"
14 14.5" 164cm/66"
15 15" 170cm/68"
16 15.5" 176cm/70"
  16" 182cm/72"
  16.5" 182cm/72"
  17" 182cm/72"
Age Chest To Fit Height
3-4 56cm/22" 104cm/41"
5-6 61cm/24" 110cm/43"
7-8 66cm/26" 116cm/46"
9-10 71cm/28" 128cm/50"
11 76cm/30" 140cm/55"
12 81cm/32" 152cm/60"
13 86cm/34" 164cm/66"
14 91cm/36" 170cm/68"
15-16 96cm/38" 176cm/70"
  102cm/40" 182cm/72"
  107cm/42" 182cm/72"
  112cm/44" 182cm/72"
  117cm/46" 182cm/72"



Measuring Guide

First, measure your child following these guidelines, then refer to the size chart below to decide what size your child needs.


Measure around the base of the neck, where the collar sits.


Place the tape close up to under the arms. Measure the chest at the fullest part.


Measure around the natural waistline.


Measure around the bottom, at the fullest part.

Inside Leg

Measure from the crotch to the hem of the trousers.


No shoes, feet together and flat on the floor. Measure from the top of the head to the floor.

REMEMBER most items of school uniform are sold as a specific size rather than in age. If you are used to buying products by age, please refer to the size charts for guidance before ordering. You will be able to see at a glance what size you need.